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Now you can enjoy shows and outdoor activities in the countryside with the shade of a canopy or tent for your animals. In this category there are several different types of folding waterproof tents, which are easy to transport and put up wherever you need them. All the canopies in this category are large enough for several people, so you can easily get into them with your furry friends. Our simple canopies and tents for animals provide excellent protection form the wind, rain and hot sun. The steel structure you’re used to seeing on normal tents makes it easy to put up the canopy for man’s best friend. The basic canopies we offer are similar to a large umbrella, with a zip at the back to fasten on the removable protective part. Like a tent, this type of canopy can be anchored to the ground to keep it secure in bad weather. The classic show tents come with or without a mat.

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Comfort tent green

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GREAT FISHING UMBRELLA - shelter umbrellas

33 €
Including bonuses and 21 % VAT