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Luxury variant Pet bed for dogs and cats and other animals with ORTHOPEDIC FOAM XXL

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Our new dog bed Rocco has been developed with passion and great attention to detail. It is made with sophisticated quality.

Rocco is made of high-quality artificial leather. It is available in one color or two colors which makes it very adjustable. Because of the raised edge, your dog will be able to be in an ideal position. The raised edge also protects from dirt. The dirt resistant synthetic leather is easy to clean. Because of that, dog hair and any form of stains can be quickly removed. All needed for cleaning are wet wipes.

Visco mat - orthopedic memory foam: Due to lying and heating based on body temperature, memory foam relieves the dog’s pressure points. The offered Visco mat consists of a 3 cm Visco core and 3 cm foam core. Therefore, they have a total height of 6 cm. For larger beds the total height may increase to to 8 cm.

Another benefit of our beds is the fact that they can be turned inside out. In two color designed beds that means that you switch colors.


- Very thick artificial leather, dirt and water-repellent

- Form-stable reversible bed 2 in 1, completely made of artificial leather

- Raised edge for dog’s head

- Easy to clean, does not absorb odors or hair. Clean with a wet cloth.

- Innovative filling with separate inlets

- Cover is removable by zip fasteners

- Visco mat: gentle on joints

1 -  S 70 x 55 cm Jack Russell Terrier, Cavalier King Spaniel

2 -  M 90 x 70 cm Poodle, Bull terrier, French Bulldog

3 - L 100 x 80 cm Cocker spaniel 

4 - XL 110 x 90 cm Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Collie

5 - XXL 125 x 100 cm German shepherd