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Vet Bed big paws - 3 colours blue 75 x 50 cm

Vet Bed big paws - 3 colours blue 75 x 50 cm

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Philip Jackson UK
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Anti-sore thermal insulating blankets for dogs and cats. Easy maintenance – wash in washing machine.

Thanks to the non-slip finish (rubberised underside), VET BED blankets are particularly suitable for interior use in rooms with smooth floors, such as tiles, floorboards, PVC, etc., or in the bottom of plastic beds, carrying boxes, etc.
- Indispensable for dog breeders – as they are absorbent, they work like babies’ nappies, keeping puppies dry and warm.
- Ideal for preventing sores in short-haired breeds.
- They are colour-fast, hypoallergenic, with a pleasant pattern.
- Wash in washing machine at 30 - 40 degree C
- Dry dirt may be brushed or vacuumed off
- Quick and easy to dry
- Do not use fabric softener (the hollow fibre would “clog up” and would not absorb moisture so well)
The legs can easily be adjusted to make the bed the right size.

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