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Stroller, buggy for dog, cats and other animals

Stroller, buggy for dog, cats and other animals... more
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Stroller, buggy for dog, cats and other animals

The stroller for dogs, cats and other animals - can be folded into a car very easily, capacity max. 30 kg, perfect for older pets. It can be pushed around as a regular stroller.

You can put your pet easily in the stroller where it can relax while it is protected by the roof against wind, bad weather and direct sunlight.

The front of the stroller can be completely open with zip fastener. It has integrated handles, which are perfect for bottles or food for pets. Other additional features include a pocket in the back of the stroller and a mesh at the bottom of the stroller. It also has integrated ventilation system and lockable wheels.

Pet stroller can be easily folded. Your dog would be unable to escape, as it is possible to completely close the stroller with a cover. Pet stroller can be loaded up to 20 kg.

Color brown/beige

Max stroller measures :

 Weight 13 kg

dimensions of the area for the dog 34cm x 79cm

handle height 80 - 106 cm

length from handrail to front wheel 105cm

the front wheel can be complained of in a straight-ahead position

large wheels with a diameter of 28cm and small wheels diameter 18cm

folding carriage load capacity 30kg

storage bin under the carriage

Stroller, buggy for dog, cats and other animals

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